Glazing refers to the glass part of a window. Usually, it suggests the window panes that are installed within the frames. A window sash is used to mount these panes. Window glazing aims to create an airtight seal between the wood sashes and the window glass. The professionals offering glazing in Stevenage implement advanced tools in their operations. It enables them to achieve desired results within the stipulated period.

What Accessories Do Window Glaziers Use?

Nowadays, multiple tools ease the task of window glaziers. Previously, only basic glazing tools like hammers, nails, and putty knives were used. However, with the evolution of technology, new-age accessories like sealant jointing tools, glazing shovels, gasket rollers, etc., came into the realm. Let’s have a detailed look at these accessories:

  1. Glazing hammer: Glazing hammer is a hallmark accessory in every window glazier’s toolbox. The glaziers use this tool for glass installation. This hammer comes with a rubber head. Hence, it isn’t harsh on the delicate glass.
  2. Sealant jointing tool: The experts create a perfect finish for every sealant joint with this tool. The sealant joints get a tidy look along with a straight-edged finish. When accessing difficult places, the professionals mount this accessory onto a pole.
  3. Glazing shovel: It keeps the window panes in the correct position. A glazing shovel also eliminates traces of putty.
  4. Gasket roller: It is another important accessory for window glaziers. The professionals use gasket rollers for fitting seals. The rollers push the seals into place. These tools shape the seals into the window’s corner. In most cases, a gasket roller comes with a free-running plastic wheel.
  5. Sealant finisher: The window glaziers rely on a sealant finisher to smoothen the sealant. It gives a neat finish to the sealant. Sealant finishers are one of the most affordable tools for glaziers. There are various sealant finishers with various angles for the perfect sealing of cracks.
  6. Putty knife: Window glaziers use a putty knife to insert putty into a joint or crack. This tool also comes in handy while removing putty.
  7. Glass suction caps: These caps are necessary for glazing. Glass suction caps are available in various sizes and lifting capacities. They enable the safe lifting and carrying of glass.

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