Are you confused about repairing your windows? Having a damaged window not only affects your property but also impacts your security. Windows can be damaged because of several reasons, and one of them is poor maintenance. This will also increase your energy consumption, eventually increasing utility bills. We suggest reaching out to a reliable company like 1st Glass Services for window repairs in Stevenage. Let’s take a dig into the subject in this blog below.


When Does Your Window Needs to be Repaired?



 This is one of the first signs you will notice in between your window panes. Once the temperature of your windows goes below its dew point, the water vapour will condense into the water over your window’s surface. Your room will become muggy and cold if the condensation is excessive. This will eventually start developing a leak. Hence, you must reach out to a specialist for window repairs.


Visible Draughts:

 Your double glazing may need replacement when you notice that the seals have failed and draughts are coming through the windows. This will increase your heating bills as your home will struggle to keep your home warm. You can call an expert to fix this issue.


Water Leaks:

 People prefer double glazed windows as they are designed to protect your place from extreme weather conditions. But don’t ignore it if you notice water leakages around your windows. This is a clear indication that your windows aren’t working efficiently and there are some problems that you need to address.


Cracks or Chips:

 Ignoring even a minor chip or crack within your window’s panes or on the exterior may require you to replace your double-glazing. Timely repairs can save you money as you will also get higher energy bills because of cracks and chips.



 If you have suddenly started to hear lots of noise than usual, then checking your windows might help you to find the issue. Double glazing windows are popular because of their insulation properties. So, noticing if you are experiencing a noisy space, your windows might need to be repaired.


Higher energy Bills:

 This is quite an obvious sign. The sudden increase in energy consumption will definitely lead to raising your energy bills. Calling a double glazing specialist is worthwhile in such a scenario to fix this issue.


1st Glass Services provides excellent double glazing repairs in Stevenage. You can count on us with your requirements. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services.