Are you stuck with a bent window screen? This can pose a real threat to the people living inside the house. Once the frame bents, it becomes difficult to open or close the windows. People thinking of repairing bent window frames must understand that bent frames can’t be repaired flawlessly. Even if you repair the bent window frames, there’s a high probability that the same will not fit adequately into the position. Hence you might experience a gap always even if you’ve closed the window.

Thus, professionals engaged in window repairs in Cambridgeshire advise customers to replace the window frames if the same has been bent. Read on to know why the window frames can’t be repaired effectively.

Why is it difficult to repair the bent window frames?

Before you waste money trying to hire a professional to fix the bent window frames, you must know the reality behind the same. It is not a feasible solution to repair the window frames if they have bent under any circumstances.

The job of window screen frames is to keep the bugs and pests away from the interior premises of the house. However, repairing the bent window frame screen won’t be flawlessly like it was initially fitted. The job of the screen frames is to distribute the pressure from the screen equally over the edge, which helps keep the shape of the window frame in place. When the frame gets damaged and the same is repaired, the position or the shape of the window screen cannot be retained. Hence by fixing the same, you’ll not derive any benefit.

Replace the window screen frames

A damaged window screen frame must be replaced rather than trying to repair the same. Hire professional window repairs in Cambridgeshire, and they will expertly remove the existing spline and fit in a new screen fitting to the size of the window.

They generally fit a bigger-sized window screen and then cut the same around the edges to fit the shape and the size of the window screen. The process might sound simple, but don’t try the same without professional help.

How to prevent window screen frames from getting bent?

Follow these simple tips to prevent your frames from getting bent.

  • Clean the frames frequently
  • Inspect the same for any persisting damages
  • Hire professionals to fix the damages on the frames as soon as possible.

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