During winter, people generally turn on their HVAC units and pill up more layers of quilts and blankets to withstand the chilled temperature. But, there is a better way to retain the heat inside the home and keep the room warmer- it is by upgrading the glass windows and doors. If you update your old windows and install glasses, you will feel warmer in chilled weather conditions and save money on your power bills. Here, you will discuss how these essential elements of the home impact heat retention to a larger extent.

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How Inefficient Glass Insulation Affects the Energy Bills

A typical home can lose 20-30% heat if the windows and doors are not properly insulated. The net heat gain and loss through the door and window can lead to 40% of the house’s heating or cooling energy consumption.

 However, energy-efficient windows have low emissivity layers that reduce heat loss by 50% compared to regular window glass to have the right dimensions. Even the upgraded glass options come with UV light protection, too. Investing in proper glass replacement reduces heating bills and keeps the heat confined within the home.

The Role of Multi-Glazed Glass in Heat Loss Prevention

The total number of glass panes in windows and doors is directly proportional to the heat absorption in the house. If you have a single-glazed window, the HVAC unit will find it challenging to keep the temperature warm as it cannot hold it in a confined room for longer.

Hence, the multi-glazed windows come to the rescue. They have more than a single pane of glass with inert gas inside. With lots of glass panes, you can make the home heat-proof and act as the sound barrier, thus reducing the excessive noise.

The glass doors can help in retaining heat within houses. Doors with good glass insulation create a thermal barrier between indoor and outdoor environments.

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