Double-glazed windows last long with proper maintenance. However, several factors can affect their longevity. Ensuring that your windows are performing well will guarantee effective insulation and will help you minimise energy bills. If you encounter issues with such windows, seek professional assistance for cheap glazing in Stevenage.

Certain signs indicate that your double glazing demands replacement. In this blog, we shall learn about those signs.

5 Signs Your Double Glazing Needs Replacement

The following signs indicate your double-glazed windows are underperforming and require replacement:

  • Condensation: It is the most apparent sign of double-glazing replacement. When your glass window’s temperature falls below its dew point, water vapour in the air condenses and forms droplets on its surfaces.

According to experts offering glazing in Stevenage, if moisture accumulates between the two window panes, it’s clear that your window’s edge seal has deteriorated. If the windows seem cloudy whenever you look out, it’s another sign of deterioration.

  • Draughty doors and windows: Hinges facilitate the opening and closing of windows. However, when they wear out, draughts begin to penetrate through the cracks in the window frame. Faulty hinges frequently cause draughts in double-glazed windows and doors.

Draughts from the windows highlight that seals have worn away, while draughts from the window gaps imply the deterioration of sealants. Overall, draughty windows are a source of discomfort and energy loss.

  • Chips or cracks: Another symptom that your home needs double-glazing window replacement is a chip or crack in the window panes or exterior. Replacing your double-glazed windows will prevent water leaks and higher energy bills.
  • Water leaks: Double-glazed windows protect your house from harsh weather elements. Therefore, if you discover water leaks in or around your doors or windows, they aren’t functioning properly.

Water leaks can indicate that the seal on your window frames has worn away. If the seal is not the source of the leak, it could be a blockage in your windows’ drainage system. Contact the top glazing services in Stevenage if you are confused about the source of the leak.

  • Unusual noise: Double-glazed windows have insulating properties that minimise the amount of sound transferred into your property. If excessive noise comes from outside, you must consider replacing the double glazing.

If you notice the above signs, take proactive measures and replace your double glazing.

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