Hearing a dripping noise from the windows is indeed very frustrating. It is one of the most common warning signs indicating that your windows have started leaking. You can’t fix the problem by adding caulk or sealant around the broken seal. Ignoring the leaking windows can complicate them even further.

Water accumulating around the window panes can cause mildew, mould or extensive damage. You can figure out the exact issue by getting in touch with a reputable company offering window repair services. Not only will they repair the issue but also let you know the common warning signs indicating leaking windows.

Few Of The Early Signs Of Leaking Windows

The Exterior Wood Is Rotting

One of the most common signs indicating a potentially leaking window is when the wood starts rooting in its exterior. You will know that the wood has started rooting if you notice cracks appearing around the windowsill. It might also happen that the windowsill is failing to meet properly. Some homeowners think that it is not a big deal as the windows function correctly. You might not notice any damage to the exterior. You should know the early signs of wood rot so you can repair the windows at the right time.

Cloudy Windows

Cloudiness between the glass panes is another common sign indicating damaged windows. Unlike older glass panels, newer thermal windows don’t have huge spaces between the glass panes. These windows have noble Argon gas, which keeps your room insulated and the temperature steady. If you ever notice that the space between the window panes has become wet or cloudy, get in touch with a reputable company for Window Repair in Cambridgeshire. Generally, moisture accumulates around the glass panes if the window seal fails.

Drafty Closed Windows

Another warning sign for you to consider replacing the window is drafty closed windows. Some homeowners don’t consider air a conventional sign of leaking windows. If you are one of them, it’s high time you repair the drafty closed windows. Air leaks can be as comfortable and expensive as water leaks. If you notice curtains, blinds or shade moving on a windy day even when the windows are closed, it indicates that air is leaking through the faulty windows.

Since you are now aware of the early signs of leaking windows, it’s time you get in touch with the window repair experts at 1st Glass Services.