Sliding windows are a common sight nowadays. They are easy to install and easy to maintain, so most people prefer using them for their homes. However, there are a few common problems that might crop up anytime in a sliding window.

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Common problems and solutions of sliding windows

Windows are stuck

Most of the time, sliding windows get stuck. If the window is old and not maintained, it might sometimes get stuck. Again, if the window expands during the monsoons, then the sliding panes might face problems.

 Sometimes, simply cleaning off the debris will solve the problem. You can also use lubricants and oil to ease up the window slides.

Windows won’t stay up

The most common problem with sliding windows is that they will not stay up. Over time, the sliding mechanism will get damaged. You need to fix this issue as soon as possible. Otherwise, the window might fall and cause an accident.

 The professionals will check the window balance and will fix the screws so that the window doesn’t fall off. Once fixed, the window will glide up and down smoothly and conveniently.

The window won’t open or close

Sometimes, the sliding window is open and closed. This might be caused by misalignment, debris stuck in the window frame, or damaged window tracks. Again, there might be problems with the window’s design.

 The bad news is that if the tracks have been damaged, the repair solutions will not be effective. You need to replace the window track. 

Window having water

If water sweeps inside the window tracks, they gradually get damaged, eventually resulting in glass seal failure. Improper insulation is another common cause of water in the window tracks.

 Check the gaps in the window and also block the seals so that water doesn’t sweep inside the tracks and doesn’t damage the window. Again, if the windows are cracked, they should be sealed so that water doesn’t sweep inside.

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