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in every type

of glass for every requirement

Solar panels on the roof of a building

2015-11-25 22:53:29

Solar control

Stay cool

Our solar control glass reduces solar heat gain and glare whilst still allowing plenty of natural light, so you can stay cool without having to shut out the sunlight.

Edge of a triple glazed window panel

2015-11-25 22:53:34


For energy efficiency

Reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills at the same time with our thermal glass. It improves the energy efficiency of both domestic and commercial buildings.

Fire protection glass in a commercial building

2015-11-26 01:11:08


Fire protection glass

Protect your family or employees and property with our fire protection glass. It provides passive protection from the effects of fire for up to 180 minutes.

Large glass wall within an industrial structure

2015-11-26 01:13:17


For noise control

Our acoustic glass considerably reduces noise levels inside your building especially if it’s close to a road, railway or airport. Acoustic glass is also ideal for interior environments such as glass-walled offices.

Manly hand opening a window with a view of the sky

2015-11-26 01:15:08


Protects family and employees

Our impact resistant safety glass will protect your family or employees from accidental injury from internal glass doors, windows and roof windows. Ask us about toughened glass or laminated glass too.

Close up of a security camera next to glass doors

2015-11-26 01:16:15


Keep unwanted visitors out

Our security-toughened glass is laminated to any thickness required and helps to protect your buildings from vandalism and break-ins. It can be supplied as ready-made double-glazed units.

White and glass corridor

2015-11-26 01:17:36


Save time

Why spend your time or money cleaning your external glass windows and conservatories? Our self-cleaning glass reduces maintenance to a minimum – ideal for hard-to-reach roof windows.

Curved wooden window panels

2015-11-26 01:19:06


Style and privacy

We offer a wide range of decorative glass options including a variety of patterns, textures and colours. Choose from our ready-made range or let us create your customised glass design.

For more information on the kind of glass we use, call us on 01763 245 588